Scripture Response

The Holy Bible is unlike any other book. In short, because it’s more than just a book, it is the inspired words of God which do more than just sitting on a page. I have read a piece of text and then years later read the same piece of text again and I learn something new. Let us reflect on His word together.

30 Jan 2008

Scripture~ Exodus 4-5, Psalm 27, Mark 6      I’m loving the Old Testament reading here; as it reminds us that the great men of God were indeed men and full of flaws. Moses pleads with God pointing out his own human short-comings; but God persists and reminds Moses of who made him. There’s a song, and […]

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29 Jan 08

Scripture~ Exodus 2-3, Psalm 26, Mark 5      I thought I’d change up my format a little. Today’s reading, from Mosess’ calling, the psalmists speaking to the Lord’s faithfullness, to Christ healing those who are coming and calling after Him; to me it all speaks to God’s unchanging desire for His children. The way that Moses […]

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28 Jan 08

Scripture~ Exodus 1, Psalm 25, Mark 4 Observation~      The Old Testament passage seems to speak of a turning point, where things started to go wrong. While I don’t see this happening in our own country to the extent that Pharaoh will take it . . . it is kind of the same as we face […]

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25 Jan 08

Scripture~ Genesis 45-46, Psalm 22:19-31, Mark 1 Observation~      I am moved by the spirit of reconciliation that seems to permeate God’s word; I don’t think there is a finer example than when Joseph reveals himself to his brothers. He does not hold a grudge against his brothers, instead he points to how God was moving […]

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17 Jan 08

Scripture~ Genesis 31, Psalm 17, Matthew 20 Observation~      The passage of Genesis seems to speak to God always taking care of us even when, if not more so, we are mistreated and cheated. All too often we wish to seek our own vengeance or complain about our situation while if we would simply remain faithful […]

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10 Jan 08

Scripture~ Genesis 20-21, Psalm 10, Matthew 12Observation~      I am still intrigued by Ishmael and who he and his descendants become. Also, it seems that in this passage there is a point to be made about being open and honest with our Christian brothers, for that matter with everyone.      I feel what the Psalmist is speaking, […]

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09 Jan 08

Scripture~ Genesis 18-19, Psalm 9, Matthew 11 Observation~      God is indeed merciful! An entire city came against the two emissaries that he sent their way and still He waited until Lot and his family were safe. I find it interesting that Lot’s daughters would go to such length to preserve the lineage of their father. […]

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08 Jan 08

Scripture~ January 8: Genesis 16-17, Psalm 8, Matthew 10 Observation~      Perhaps this is a bit odd, but the passage of Genesis says a few things, it speaks to me how women never change and men are wimps, well men of today. First, Sari tells Abram to take her mistress and sleep with her, then complains […]

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07 Jan 08

Scripture~ Genesis 13-15, Psalm 7, Matthew 9 Observation~      I did not know that Abram rescued the kings of Sodom; interesting. As I know what is to come I think this is of interest in comparing the cities of Sodom and Gomorahh to the country I live in today. God has saved us once before . […]

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