January 9, 2008

09 Jan 08

Genesis 18-19, Psalm 9, Matthew 11

     God is indeed merciful! An entire city came against the two emissaries that he sent their way and still He waited until Lot and his family were safe. I find it interesting that Lot’s daughters would go to such length to preserve the lineage of their father. I’m not saying what they did was right, just speaking to the importance of lineage.
     The Psalmist speaks to God’s judgment; and his fairness in that judgment. But more so I get the sense of God’s protection for His children. We’re almost reminded again, without saying the actual scripture, that vengeance is His.
     In Matthew I think this is what we’re looking for. Confirmation of our King, and rest for our souls. The theme from the Old Testament carries on into the new with God’s mercy. In that He offers us rest, even in our transgressions . . . to come to Him and seek that rest, to repent from our old ways and find that light burden and easy yoke. This is the true code for happiness.

     I have felt more than distracted today during my study. I got up late and started late; interupted by daughter and wife. What I take away from this is the need to do this alone; quiet time is called quiet time for a reason.

     Father I thank you for your perseverance and ever present spirit in my life. My prayer is that I’m able to focus more on you from this day forward.

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