Health & Wellness

Mind, Body, and Sprit; did you know that these three things make up who you are? Here we’ll discuss things that take care of our overall Health & Wellness.

When horizontal …

YouTube is “TV” in our house. Earlier this week, I had the wonderful pleasure of feeling a little tickle at the back of my nose. This was followed by the oh so pleasurable experience of my ears stopping up and my throat feeling like I was swallowing glass. As euphoric as this experience I was […]

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What we leave behind

     A LONG time ago in my life, I jotted a one pager down and later posted it online. The time of putting it on paper would have to have been in the late 90’s and I posted it here in 2010. As I state in the story I don’t know that it was […]

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New Heroes

Many a fine word has been written about the importance of having heroes, those we can look up to and aspire to imitate or emulate.  Maybe you aspire to out do Martha Stewart with her home decor or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body building prowess or maybe the sharpshooting skill of Chris Kyle – in any case they […]

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       In January of 2012 I stepped on the scales in the emergency room at UT hospital and weighed in at 386lbs.  I was there because I thought I was having a heart attack.  As it turned out it was spasms in my esophegus brought on by acid reflux and a probable ulcer. […]

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Learning through discipline

     At the beginning of September my wife and I started a new eating program.  The idea is to get serious with our health as we're starting to see more and more just how much our weight is impacting our life.  I personally could care less about being thin per say, but I do […]

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Things are changing

     This is the first of many posts to come regarding our journey towards freedom from debt.  We hope to have some information up soon regarding the 'extra' stuff we'll be doing that we're sure you'll find a benefit from.  Just to give you an idea though here are a few things we have […]

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