An annoyance

So dreams are typically the makings of a sleeping or sleepy brain where the subconscious is allowed to come to the surface and fire off random images, smells, feelings that the mind have observed and play them as if they were real.  Sometimes, if not most of the time, the film that our sub-mind produces is out of sort, incoherent, and without meaning.  Other times things happen in our dreams that cause an emotional state in our awake selves.  I recall that my wife awoke one time furious at me for something her mind said I had done in a dream.  She recognized it was just a dream but that did not dull the anger or the reality of her feelings.

It seems as though last night I’ve had 2 dreams.  One involved a house where it snowed out side in the middle of fall, so much so that we had several feet of snow on the ground.  It covered up the puppies that were running around the house.  They also had TV’s in the showers that would shut off if they got wet (so what’s the point of having them I say).  Anyway, then there was another dream (i woke up in the middle of the night) where something happened that I do feel horribly guilty about.  I can’t shake the feeling even though I totally recognize it as a dream.  I’m amazed at how much of an influence dreams have on our lives from day to day.  Of course it’s not every day that it happens but when it does it’s powerful.

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