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Scripture Response

The Holy Bible is unlike any other book. In short, because it’s more than just a book, it is the inspired words of God which do more than just sitting on a page. I have read a piece of text and then years later read the same piece of text again and I learn something new. Let us reflect on His word together.

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Current Events

My thoughts and responses on several current event topics. If you have something you’d like me to respond to, please use the Contact Me page and send the suggestion my way.

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Mind, Body, & Spirit

Mind, Body, and Sprit; did you know that these three things make up who you are? Here we’ll discuss things that impact the health and well being of the whole body.

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Family Life

Every life could probably be its own sitcom … with 2 kids, a wife, her parents, and a dog all living under one roof; there is bound to be a life lesson or two.

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Through my Eyes

Observations of different things from my point of view. If I look at a video and am moved emotionally, my take on life events, etc. Essentially, all of those thoughts that come to your mind when you’re deep in thought … will land here.

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Creative Writing

From time to time I like to let my imagination take the wheel for a bit. No review, no responses, just creating content in a new world. Or, perhaps expanding content in an existing world. Step in and find out!

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