Through my Eyes

Observations of different things from my point of view. If I look at a video and am moved emotionally, my take on life events, etc. Essentially, all of those thoughts that come to your mind when you’re deep in thought … will land here.

It has been a while

My last post was in 2020, August of 2020 to be exact. Roughly just over a year to the day. I’m in a position of change in my life. Nothing big, no job change or family member loss. I suppose it’s the change that most of us go through at this time of year. We […]

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The Party

Thanks to Facebook and other tools, most folks know that today is my birthday. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I feel I get a double-dip of reflecting on the past year and my past year on this earth as the New Year and my birthday happen to land on the […]

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Forced Bravery

It is probably a little-known fact, but I have a touch of claustrophobia. I don’t like tight spaces, especially if they are dark and could possibly contain all manner of creepy-crawly creatures. It is NOT a little-known fact that I’m a big guy. A point that I’ve used to say that I can’t climb up […]

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Through their eyes

My youngest is 7. She turned 7 a few weeks ago but due to schedules and finances, we decided to wait a week or two in order to really pull off what she was wanting. Last month, my wife participated in the Foothills Bridal Extravaganza (if getting hitched is in the realm of possibility you should […]

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By the numbers

I would say that one of the more challenging aspects of my job is not collecting or reviewing data.  Rather it is framing the data where it remains true and accurate to itself but is able to be consumed by anyone from Mid-Management up to Executive.  Often the best way to do this is to […]

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Data nerd

I was doing some digging at work today on different ways to display data over time (several data points over a 3 month period) While looking at different options I ran across this: Gapminder World The default setting shows GDP against life expectancy. The scale at the bottom can be automatically played to show how […]

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Old Posts

Looking back over your blog you can see where you were at different points in your life. Sometimes those points are lower than you’d like but there’s always the opportunity to see growth in the long run.

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