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Ran across this as I was looking at old posts on the site.

What would you have been

It was written in 2010, 2 years before my first admission of what I had done. Well, the post was in 2010; the actual writing of the short was probably from … early 2000’s.

I had no idea what God had in store for me in 2012 and 2014. Life is SO much better now after attending a Deeper Still​ retreat. It’s more than better, I can’t find the words.

With all the Planned Parenthood videos and discussion in the public eye these days some folks are turning away because they don’t want to see the truth of what happens. Other’s are claiming the benefits of Planned Parenthood’s existence but no benefit they offer could ever outweigh the cost of a single life let alone ALL the lives that have been taken. Aside from that there are those out there that have been through an abortion and are now wrestling with the reality of what has happened.

For those that find themselves in that camp. Please know that there is grace, mercy, and forgiveness. I say this as a man that went through an abortion and tried for years to ignore what I had done. The stress and reality of that moment later manifested itself as anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I didn’t realize for so long that the abortion was the root of those issues. I will never forget (and will always be thankful) to Matt​ who helped me ‘come out’ and talk about the reality of what I had done and Deeper Still that brought me to final peace and healing with God.

There’s more to come regarding this subject … just ran across this today. As I celebrate my six year olds life I remember that William would have been 16 if he had been given a chance by his fearful parents. It’s ok, he’s got the best family & father anyone could ever ask for in Heaven. I’ll see him and chat with him again soon. For now I walk in forgiveness and grace and carry a banner so that other men who have made this decision can find healing and do what I can to education others before they make the same mistake I did.

Until all are healed …

Deeper Still

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