Job Opportunity

The wife and I have a job opening. We’re hiring someone to do the laundry which includes folding and putting away the aforementioned. Other responsibilities will include setting things where they belong as opposed to on top of a trash can or a laundry basket. It’s also important that you be able to keep up with my 3 pairs of shoes as they tend to get lost in my bedroom. The wife always knows where any one of her 27 pairs are so no help needed there. Obviously while I’m at work you’ll be expected to fix the things my family likes to break.

Compensation plan is you get to receive the good graces of my mother-in-law … but since that account only applies to her kids that don’t live under the same roof you’ll probably just be paid in blame and venom. Of course you would have my forever gratitude and every now and then the kids will be kind to you and tell you that they think you’re awesome. Be clear that no monetary compensation is provided nor should any peace of mind be expected.

Applicant must be willing to submit to a background check but know that 2 of the 4 leaders in the household will always believe you’re either doing it wrong or that they could do it better.

Good luck!

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