Through my Eyes

Observations of different things from my point of view. If I look at a video and am moved emotionally, my take on life events, etc. Essentially, all of those thoughts that come to your mind when you’re deep in thought … will land here.

Life in a Home

What is a home? Four walls and a roof? Is it where your heart is? Moving into your grandmothers house may seem like an awesome thing at first but it brings with it an interesting set of baggage; not all of it good and not all of it bad. The ghosts of your past meet the hopes of your future in a beautiful collision.

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Day 365

Well … here we are. 1 year ago today I was talking with my mother for the last time. I was down at my mamaws house helping with some clean up and chatting with cousins, aunts, and uncle. I talked to her 3 times that day … Nikki did the same … several others spoke […]

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Coming out

This has been coming for a while now I guess … I’ve gone to great lengths to never reveal where I work in any of my social media connections (with exception to LinkedIn which is for professionals … or so they tell me) or here on this blog.  The biggest reason being that when I […]

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This might sting a little

Let me go ahead and get it out of the way that this post might … ok will … offend some folks.  Well, offend is the wrong word.  It might make some folks upset.  Realize that you’re not really angry at me for saying what I’m about to say but rather that perhaps I’m right […]

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It is rare for me to curse.  I have to be at some level of rawness for my tongue to get really loose.  I do a good job of keeping control even in stressful situations.  This weekend though has been somewhat difficult though. I’m not sure why I’m thinking of my dad a lot here […]

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It takes a meal

  Allow me to share with you a tradition from my early childhood, well actually it carried on into my teen years also.  Every year for my birthday my Aunt would take me out for lunch.  Specifically she would take us to China Town, a Chinese Restaurant here in Maryville, TN.  I remember this going […]

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Fun House Mirrors

The image we see in the mirror is a pure reflection of our physical appearance, ‘Fun House’ mirrors are good for a laugh because they can make us tall, short, or any other distortion that gets a laugh. The image we see of our selves in the mirror isn’t so clear and is all too often distorted through our own internal filters.

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