By the numbers

I would say that one of the more challenging aspects of my job is not collecting or reviewing data.  Rather it is framing the data where it remains true and accurate to itself but is able to be consumed by anyone from Mid-Management up to Executive.  Often the best way to do this is to […]

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Data nerd

I was doing some digging at work today on different ways to display data over time (several data points over a 3 month period) While looking at different options I ran across this: Gapminder World The default setting shows GDP against life expectancy. The scale at the bottom can be automatically played to show how […]

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     Today will be the day that your geekness is measured.  People will speak of the number '42' with reverence today of all days, 10-10-10.  Now to understand why this is happening you have to know 2 things: Binary – wikipedia has a fairly decent article on the subject if you want to understand the […]

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How things change

I ran across something today that was rather shocking . . . well shocking when compared to what I do now.  My very first webwork that I ever did where I was paid.  The funny thing I remember is that only half of the invoice was paid and I let it go.  It was really […]

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The tree

It is rare that I make something for the simple fact of making it.  Normally any design work I do has to do with someones website or something for a print piece.  Sometimes though I’ll get a creative spark and spit something out.  It’s not fast nor easy but it eventually get’s done; I have […]

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     You know I didn't think this day would ever come.  I'm actually close, and I mean really close, to having my personal website done.  It's taken a lot of poking and prodding and hacking this and splicing that but I think all the duck tape and chewing gum is going to hold.  I've done […]

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