When horizontal …

YouTube is “TV” in our house. Earlier this week, I had the wonderful pleasure of feeling a little tickle at the back of my nose. This was followed by the oh so pleasurable experience of my ears stopping up and my throat feeling like I was swallowing glass. As euphoric as this experience I was I thought it best to visit the local clinic to ensure that my throat was opening up shop for a Streptococcus move-in special.

Immediate Openings Available!

Thankfully, no strep, but I was to expect the throat pain to go away and the virus to clog my sinuses and cause the good times of chest congestion and coughing. I was able to work Monday and Tuesday but succumbed to taking a sick day on Wednesday. Normally in the evenings I would do homework, work on cleaning the garage or do something social. With my newly acquired virus, I found myself spending a lot of time in bed. Flipping from one side to the other as my sinuses would clog, release, and clog again. While I tend to disagree with a TV in the bedroom I was thankful for my wife’s insistence, and my willingness to make her happy, on having one available.

While I have watched 5 movies I’ve also been flipping around YouTube. Watching a tutorial here or a funny video there. I ran across a new favorite YouTube cook. Binging with Babish has been a long-time favorite while more recent adds include Adam Ragusea and Joshua Weissman. Today though I ran across a channel that seems to push back against the norm of other cooking YouTube channels. You Suck at Cooking caught me off guard with his music and banter. While his Garlic Bread episode was the first one I saw and then modified Raman made me wish I could eat the cheap noodles again … his Lasagna video had me rolling.

May we never be found guilty of judging a lasagna by its height …

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