Astroneer – Mission Log 1-259


This is Astroneer Stevenson reporting to whoever is listening. I believe I know what’s happened to the first set of explorers that were sent to system 825. Upon awakening from cryo-sleep, my ship passed through a cosmic storm that crapped out most ship systems. I was able to make it to a small habitat pod and safely land on the surface of one of the more hospitable planets.

No signs of life yet. There are pockets of vegetation on the surface and various cave openings dot the horizon. I hope to do some exploring tomorrow. The habitats life support systems seem to be functional as oxygen levels are holding. The atmosphere is not breathable and gravity seems to be lighter than that of the Earth, but not by much.

The Good News

Initial scans show pockets of Resin and Compound nearby. Thanks to the engineers back home and their soil extractor, I’ll be able to use that material to create tethers, research stations, possibly even more. As I was entering the atmosphere I did see Station 825. My hope is that someone is still on board and noticed my ship breaking up. Let’s just hope they don’t assume I’m dead.

The Bad News

If my ship wasn’t spotted then I’ll have to find a way to get word to them, praying someone is out there listening. My long-range radio is busted. For all I know these logs will never leave the ships hard drive. But training says to always report so that’s what I’ll do. I’ll have to apologize to Instructor Young when I get back. I thought he was being a little dramatic with his “one day all you’ll have is your training.” Looks like today’s the day.


There was a lot of grief from the crew when they changed our designations from astronaut to astroneer. Now that I find myself here, years from home, titles don’t really matter. They told us that the naut in astronaut was a Greek word for ‘sailor’. Well, considering the state of my ship, I’m not going to be doing much star-sailing anytime soon.  Looks like they were right, it’s the engineering that’s going to make mankind’s first extra-solar system settlement work.

Speaking of work, its time to get to it.



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