Learning through discipline

     At the beginning of September my wife and I started a new eating program.  The idea is to get serious with our health as we're starting to see more and more just how much our weight is impacting our life.  I personally could care less about being thin per say, but I do want a more active role in my family's life.  There's far too much going on that I'll miss if something is not done soon.  Thus, I agreed to a crazy insane plan my wife had already been through with observed and amazing results.  

     Now we're down to around 9 days left on the current phase and I've learned a good deal.  There were some BAD days (let me apologize again to those who were in my presence on September 6th through the 8th) but all in all I'm seeing marked results.  I'm down a net 18lbs and hope to lose about 25.  Obviously in the long run I want to lose a good bit more but this is step one in the process.  Because there are so many restrictions involved (but it's just for 21 days so really not a sweat) I've had to really change a lot of my old habits.  

     For example, I've not had a soda since August.  I'm drinking un-sweet hot tea, and a boat-load of water.  I'm down a belt notch and I think in a few days I'll be down another.  I will spare you all the details on my digestion 🙂   but we'll say things have improved.  I went through a process where I was pressing out a lot of toxins but that's over with.  

     I'll say the most interesting thing I've noticed is how much I was eating without being hungry . . . or rather what 'real' hunger is.  I find myself, even now, wanting food not because I'm hungry but because I 'want' it.  A Sunday back I was sitting in the sound booth and I found myself craving sushi.  I mean to the point that I could literally taste the roll on my tongue.  Today I had to fight the urge for Fig Newtons . . . not because I'm hungry mind you . . . but my brain is sending massive singles to my mouth that we need that.  It's as if I could chew the food, spit it out, and be satisfied.  It has NOTHING to do with hunger.


     This is a paradigm shift . . . not to say I'll never stumble or fall . . . but it certainly brings a whole new level of thought to what I really need as opposed to the conditioning I've done to myself as to what I think I need.  Makes me wonder what else I think I need . . . 


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