January 10, 2008

10 Jan 08

Genesis 20-21, Psalm 10, Matthew 12Observation~
     I am still intrigued by Ishmael and who he and his descendants become. Also, it seems that in this passage there is a point to be made about being open and honest with our Christian brothers, for that matter with everyone.
     I feel what the Psalmist is speaking, too often I ask God why things are allowed to happen. Why certain individuals are allowed to get ahead or how they are able to get away with their wickedness while I struggle so hard to be righteous. This perhaps is not the best way to look at things, and I know it’s my flesh that’s talking when I get to these places. Things are not in our time though, they are in God’s time.
     A great deal is covered in Matthew’s passage. The recurring theme of, “I desire mercy, not sacrifice” continues to come up time and time again. The people of that time, and I think a lot of the people of todays generation just miss the point of ‘saving the lamb’ because they are too busy and too focused on “the law”. Legalism will be the downfall of the church if Godly men and women do not be on guard for this.

     It has been difficult for me to speak with some of my peers about some things going on that are bothering me. If I could find the right person, and the time to just sit down and hash it all out I think things would be much better. I am doing my best to remember mercy; to temper it with love and compassion. There are some things I wish never happened, but they are what they are.

     Father I thank you for opening my eyes today into a moment of what my wife goes though. My prayer is to continuelly deal in mercy, even more so than I do already. To reach out and bring in those who are hurting and in need.

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