January 17, 2008

17 Jan 08

Genesis 31, Psalm 17, Matthew 20

     The passage of Genesis seems to speak to God always taking care of us even when, if not more so, we are mistreated and cheated. All too often we wish to seek our own vengeance or complain about our situation while if we would simply remain faithful to God’s promise, He always comes through.
     David amazes me with his earnest calling and boldness before God. He calls for God’s protection and to be hidden by God . . . eventually beseeching the Father to chase after his enemies. Again David is demonstrating “Vengence is mine, thus saith the Lord” type of faith. By not taking up malice and action in his own power and relying on God alone David deepens his faith by realizing his own true source of power is not his kingdom or his armies; but the God he serves.
     So I love this passage in Matthew. This is not the first time that I’ve read this, I’m a big fan of “what is mine is mine to do with as I see fit, who are you to question what I do with my own goods” which is paraphrasing quite a bit but you get the point. Throughout the gospels Christ speaks of the coming Kingdom, heaven, and the many mansions there. Imagine if we had the mindset of the early workers, that since we who serve Christ from early in life deserve more than those who only begin their service a year before their death. How arrogant and pompous of us!?! Continuing on in the passage we are again reminded that we are all servants of and in the Kingdom. The greater we wish to become in the Kingdom the greater we have to serve. “The last is made first” turns the world upside down, it goes against the fabric of our society and popular conceived notions of success.

     Oh that I may remember the protection my Father has over me. The greatness that He is and the vengeance He can take against those who wrong me. That I am not alone in this fight of mine; that I serve a warrior King; a just and righteous King who watches over all of His children and chases after those children because He loves them.

     After reading \ writing the Application portion I think that is my prayer, that I remember the God that I serve and the holy might that He possesses and the shelter that He offers.

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