January 7, 2008

07 Jan 08

Genesis 13-15, Psalm 7, Matthew 9

     I did not know that Abram rescued the kings of Sodom; interesting. As I know what is to come I think this is of interest in comparing the cities of Sodom and Gomorahh to the country I live in today. God has saved us once before . . . where are we headed
     Gen 15 speaks of the land that is to belong to the Israelites; “From the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates”; talk about a land grant. And the Arab world is upset because Israel now holds . . . what, a tenth of that?
     Psalms . . . I mean we have it easy today don’t we? We don’t have to worry about physical danger when we do wrong. But David was focused on spiritual danger, the “tearing of his soul”. Our complacency has lost us this fear. But what really speaks to me is:
Behold, the wicked man conceives evil
and is pregnant with mischief
and gives birth to lies.
Just as we have fruit of the spirit evildoers have their own fruit. This makes me pay special attention to the fruit I’m producing. Where does it fall?
     Matthew; I’m a big fan of this gospel, always have been. Sermon on the Mount, how can you go wrong when looking for a way to lead your life? To me though this passage really speaks to Christ’s mission. We start out dining with sinners and end up healing and having great compassion. I love how Christ speaks to faith . . . even to the point of telling the two blind men not to tell others of their healing. I think this is because people will put faith in what they have heard others say as opposed to Christ Himself.

     There seems to be a recurring theme of faith; whether it be that God will deliver on His promises; faith in that He’ll protect us; or faith that He’ll heal us and meet us where we are. I think too often I don’t give God the credit He’s due; not just by not giving thanks but by not trusting Him in what He can do. This weekend . . . and even now I feel as though I’m going through something that I have to face alone, but I don’t.

     My prayer focus is that I can remove myself from my vision of life and focus solely on my King. That I’ll be able to “relax” a little and trust in His word and more so in who He is.

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