Where is God?

     It’s late . . . I still have a lot of work to do . . . yet for some reason I feel pressed to write this post. I have learned in the past several weeks that when one is so moved to do something, you should probably just go ahead and do it.
     As I continue down the path that I’m on; I can recall questions that I’ve been asked in the past that at times I didn’t know the answer too. I wish I could go back and explain everything or “re-answer” some of the questions I shied away from.
     So in a world so dark, a world of war, rising food costs, rising gas prices . . . where is God? I am reminded of recent events; the passing of friends and family . . . witnessing accidents . . . witnessing the train wrecks people have made of their lives. With so much pain where is God in all this?
     I don’t think a person can deny God and then pick Him out so easily . . . or perhaps it’s better said that it’s more difficult to pick Him out if you’re not a believer. I can look to my own life and find Him moving; God was in the friends that loaned us a car when ours was on the fritz; who fed us when money was tight; the example and character of a loved one before his passing; people showing up to help out ‘just because’ . . . this is just my small list. I feel His presence in my home as my wife and I counsel, I see it in the simple faith and joy my daughter shows, I hear it in the words of my wife as she encourages me through another week of work.
     I don’t know if this is making any sense or not . . . I think the artists of old have, in some fashion, done a disservice to us as a people in that we have this “idea” of how or who God is just by the artwork that is easy to look at. Looking at the bible we see that God is a father, a provider, a deliverer, he makes food fall from heaven, and rocks give up their water. He’s a military strategist, the best counsel you can have, He’s a judge, He’s THE Father that sacrificed His Son. He’s the healer of the sick and the blind, He’s the relationship, the sacrifice, the love, the brotherhood, priesthood, He’s the Alpha, the Omega, who was and is and is to come, the Great I AM. He is all these things, and so much more. I’ve described but a speck of dust on a table in the palace that is the idea of God and who He is.
     But . . . this infinitely wonderful being, our divine Creator wants to commune with us. He invites us to sit at His table, to break bread with Him, and talk. IF He wanted to force us to worship Him He could; but instead He ‘invites’. As if to say, “Come, sit, rest . . . break bread with me, let us be together in fellowship”. Do you get it? The Creator of all things wants to dine with you
     God is there, He’s here, He’s everywhere . . . pull off your ‘world’ shaded glasses and see the Glory and work that surrounds you and rejoice as His chosen

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