New and\or Old

     I like the conflict that arises out of the new and\or old statement. Does it have to be one or the other, in some cases yes, in some no. For example, the New me, the me that is a rebirth of who I used to be cannot exist with the old me. Christ has made me a new creature and thus the old must be slain daily.
     In other cases though they can coexist; I’m interested in the Japanese culture to some extent because of their struggle with the old ways and new trends and how they co-exist. From religion even into their day-to-day lives this culture seems to struggle with . . . well perhaps struggle is not the right word. But it’s something they face as a society.
     Where I’m going with this is music. As some may or may not know I’m working on learning to play a musical instrument, a baritone Ukulele; think large ukulele or small guitar, either way you’re about right. Anyway, my analytical mind wants to figure out the science, while my heart takes over and just ‘feels’ it. There have been a few times where I’ve had that break through; that moment of losing yourself in it. Those moments are too far between I would say, because I love it when it happens.
     Back to Japan and what inspired this post. The Yoshida brothers are amazingly talented Shamisen players; below is a link to their YouTube video ‘Rising’. They’ve done an amazing job of blending the old and the new. Again, you can’t always do this, in some cases you shouldn’t; but these guys pull it off well. Enjoy!

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