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     I must keep this one short tonight as this is something I could get REALLY carried away with and I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me tonight.
     What the crap! Jeremiah Wright, now this other guy . . . come on! I know some of you would bring John Hagee into this argument or collection as well but let me point out the real issue here. Ok, you’re a pastor, you lead a church. Sunday morning, evening, whenever you’re lead to execute your position . . . whenever you stand before your congregation you speak about God, His Son Jesus, or some reference to scripture and that’s IT! All this mess was because men in the pulpit are preaching on current events instead of the Word. Sure we only get a snap shot but seriously! With such passion and hatred . . . you know if you spent that focus and energy on reaching the world for Christ and educating your congregation on what it is to be a Follower of Christ then we wouldn’t have a lot of the issues we’re facing today. No wonder there are those out there wanting to remove tax-exempt status from churches, with circus’s like that . . . you’re not preaching . . . your campaigning!
     If I’m remember John Hagee’s comments correctly at LEAST he was preaching scripture. I heard the sermon where he said that the Jews were lead to Israel by a fisher and then a hunter. He’s right! At the onset of the Zionest movement they were called to come home to their promised land of Israel; those that did not come then, those that stayed in Europe faced the horrors of the holocaust and were therefore HUNTED and driven to Israel. What’s so inflamatory about that? It’s a matter of historical record.
     Here’s a thought . . . preach from the Word of God; focus on making disciples of all people. If I strive to be Christ like then I will vote accordingly. I don’t . . . hrm I should make this clear, the churches I’ve been too in the past few years have never stood in the pulpit or on stage and told me how I need to vote. They’ve taught me how to learn more about Christ. Considering my current church especially I’m being encouraged to do more than just follow, but lead . . . in every sense of the word. Is there a video of Pastor Hagee telling his congregation to vote for McCain? I can understand a pastor saying that they need to check their faith before going to the polls . . . but to call someone out or make fun of another? When did Hillary say she was “white and entitled”? This is just nuts! Instead of screaming at your congregation about politics; how about teaching them the Sermon on the Mount . . . even better encourage them to follow it!

     I’m not saying this to blow sunshine up anyone’s rear . . . but I’m so glad the Vineyard movement is going strong. Even more so I’m thankful that God has brought me to such a church.

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