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     Tomorrow is quite the momentous day.  My eldest, Littlefoot, turns 7.  I have learned so much about myself, my faith, and my spouse through my experiences with my daughter.  I know I have plenty of challenges ahead of me but I’m looking forward to it all.  Seven years ago to the day my wife and I were rushing to the hospital to bring into this world the force that is my daughter.  When I got home to get our clothes for our stay at the hospital I noticed a voicemail on the answering machine, it was my current employer calling me to schedule an interview.  Brought home my first born and started a new job all in the course of a month or two.

     One thing that is probably not of common note, tomorrow is also my last day serving as an assistant manager in Software Technical support where I work.  I’ve been in the customer service field since starting work with Charter Communications way back in 1997.  I must say it’s a big switch the field I’m going into.  I’m used to working on large teams and I’ve had the honor of having the BEST team in the call center.  I can’t say enough good things about my team and the management staff I work with.  My boss has been instrumental in my success, I owe a lot and any credit I get for the job I do I share with her.  For reasons that don’t really need to be gone into at the moment I do not use real names or discuss by name the place that I work.  So, to Goldilocks and the Professor, I tip my hat.  It’s been a pleasure serving with you these past several years.  I owe you both a debt which I can never repay, I thank you for your leadership and your teaching but most of all I appreciate and treasure your friendship.

     Now I’m not leaving the company or anything of that nature.  My new job will be to serve as an analyst to evaluate given data to spot trends in hopes to improve customer experience and overall business.  To some degree or another I’ve done analyst work for the better part of my career and certainly since starting my own business in 2006.   All of this is a big change for me, which leads me to my daughter.

         Every day when I turn on my phone I’m greeted by one of the pictures above.  While going through the interview process for this new job I was often afraid of the changes it would bring.  Then I’d turn on my phone and see these images.  My daughter, she’s fierce.  Like her mother she’s the type of person that would charge in full speed sword swinging.  She wanted to play soccer and has found her place in the game.  She’s looking forward to karate later on and has a wonderfully vivid imagination.  She’ll wrestle with her dad and get mad at me when I hold back.  She’s amazingly courageous and doesn’t know a stranger.  The girl has no fear . . . kind of reminds me of her mom whom I love dearly.

     Here’s to not letting Fear control our lives, to the ferocity with which she faces life, to her birthday; my littlefoot, my first born, my leader, my right arm, my warrior, my Della Ro.

Happy Birthday kid

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