Birthday & the new year

Another year has come and gone.  I will not join in the throng of blog posts that I am sure are to be made today regarding a good bye to the year past and hello to the year ahead.  Countless resolutions will be made to only be broken again . . . no I figure the best one can do is evaluate the day that has passed and hope to do better tomorrow should one be so inclined.

I am blessed to have a birthday on New Year’s Eve; quite the luck of tax deduction for the parents.  Most are forced to ‘take stock’ if you will twice a year.  Once on their birthday and again at the turn of a year.  I however only go through the process once and since I’m typically not one to fall into nostalgia I don’t really give a rip about resolutions or any of the pie in the sky ideal changes that everyone wants to make.  Intentions are great, results are what matter.

But it’s not all piss & vinegar I assure you.  I would be a fool to look at my life and see anything less than the huge innumerable blessings I’ve been given.  Business wise things are going along as they always have been.  At ‘the office’ I’ve been recently promoted and I’m loving every minute of the new job.  Oh it comes with it’s challenges but the opportunities to work with people and develop a team that I’ve been a part of for over 5 years is just awesome.  The team is phenomenal, I’d say one of the best in the company if not the best.  They are a great lot.  On the personal front things are well, Squeaker came into our lives this past August and big sis Littlefoot is oh so happy.  I’m married to an amazing woman who puts up with a lot of crap from me . . . but she looks past my flaws and still loves me.  The body makeover isn’t a failure; I’ve had some set backs but I know what works for me and now it’s just a matter of discipline to apply it.  In about a month Squeaker will be able to go into the childcare at the gym and I expect things will start picking back up.

This year I let Littlefoot plan my birthday party.  I personally didn’t care if anything happened; but Littlefoot let me know that “Daddy’s have to have birthday parties” all the time knowing that it’s all about her getting cake!  That’s fine though, ‘the office’ let me go home early  and Littlefoot was oh so excited to see me walk in the door.  The wife fixed ribs, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli, salad with bleu cheese crumbles, crab dip, and crescent rolls.  Papaw wanted some Blackberry Wine so the wife and I hit the spirits store and came out with quite the collection.  I think the only thing we were missing was rum & vodka; we already had some Sake, Bailey’s Irish Creme, Mead, and Kahlua at home so we picked up some small bottles of Crown Royal, Tequila, and a larger bottle of Jack as I’ve got a chest cold coming on and I won’t have my vacation interrupted by it.  Now before someone gets a little pious on me, all of this will last us months.  Heck I’ve had the Sake for 2 years now . . . so please.  Brother got me the new Mario for the Wii which the wife and I love.

So there, my contribution to the millions of posts being made today about the new year and the blah blah blah.  I’m not as cynical as all of this may sound, LOL.  Things are pretty darn good . . . I have so much more than I deserve and I’m loved by more people than I know.  How do I feel about being a year older?  Eh, about the same as I did as last year, ha ha.  I’ve always said that it’s the mileage on the car you need to be worried about, not the year.  I’ve been working on getting some of my miles back and I think it’s starting to work.  33 should be interesting . . . a friend of mine commented that “33 wasn’t such a good year for JC” (Jesus Christ) . . . but you know, I’d argue it was His best year (in the flesh).  His will called for the ultimate sacrifice and He was obedient always . . . if I pray for anything in the year to come it’s that . . . that no matter what may come that I’ll always have the strength to be obedient to His will.

Happy New Year everyone

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