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It is no secret that I am a cat person.  I can’t stand dogs, I loathe dogs, they are so easily brought into submission … you call and they come, you snap your fingers and they respond.  In fairness I lost many a cat to dogs that chewed up my cats and left them alive with entrails hanging out of their guts or punctured lungs so they suffocated … one even ripped the hide off one of my cats hind quarters so you could see bone and muscle as the cat tried to walk.  Needless to say … my position on dogs is pretty firm.

Then I meet Nikki.  Smokin hot lady and perfect in nearly every way … she likes dogs and is allergic to cats.  So I make my choice and nearly 14 years later we’re finally in our own home and it’s time to keep a promise to our kids.  Nikki had a dog named Taylor that became just about the only dog I’ve ever liked in my life.  (Lucky being the other one)  If we were to ever get a dog of our own I knew that it would have to be a ‘Taylor’ type dog.  He never barked without reason, he was very mellow, very calm, he leaned against you, had a regal and smart look about him.

To our surprise we got a message from our Niece that a dog looking just like Taylor came into the shelter.  We jumped.  Didn’t tell the girls because we didn’t know if we could get him or not.  But it all worked out and today Ty joined our clan …

The girls couldn’t be happier.  We know we’ve got a lot of training ahead of us and a lot of learning for the family.  While he’s not a cat I’m still glad that he’s here with us.  The breeds history sits well with me; while he’s obviously not a pure breed (they bring some chedda) he’s certainly part of the Tibetan Spaniel family.  They used to work with Tibetan Mastiff’s in alerting monks and guards of trouble coming.  This little guy would sit on a perch and only speak if trouble was coming … this alerted guards and the Mastiff’s … which … I mean if you’re going to tell someone bigger than you that trouble is coming then for crying out loud tell a Mastiff!

Anyway … he is ours.  We look forward to all the fun and companionship we’ll have with Ty.

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