Eating our pets

     From her time in the womb, Littlefoot was exposed to Mexican food almost daily as it was the favorite food of her mother while she was pregnant.  (Ok every other day too)  As Littlefoot grew we expanded her pallet to try other types of food including one of my favorites, Chinese.  Later we moved on to Japanese and she quickly found to be a big fan of sushi but didn’t really care for any other Japanese fair.  To this day she remains a huge fan of Mexican and Chinese.

When Littlefoot was about 4 years old we were at a market that sold fresh fruit.  She was looking at all the vivid colors and came across what looked to her like a drop of gold.  She picked it up and immediately fell in love.  She’d always had a thing about the way things felt.  Even now at 7 she gets VERY upset if her socks don’t fit just so.  Her favorite thing in the world though was to rub the silicone from her sippy cup on her cheek.  I don’t know how many times I’ve caught her rubbing a remote control on her face … it’s the rubbery smoothness she says.  So I wasn’t too surprised that she went nuts over her first apricot.  When we got home she refused to eat it, she went as far as giving it a name and it slept beside her for several nights.  Sadly, we all forgot about the fruit until weeks later a smell in her room lead us to something under her bed.

Fast forward 3 years.  Littlefoot, now 7, was out with the rest of our family doing some shopping for groceries.  Walking through the fresh fruit section she once again happened upon her old friend.  This time she introduced her little sister to the Apricot.  I gave in so both Littlefoot and GB’licious walked away with their own fruit with the understanding that they must be eaten tomorrow.  I got a shocked look from Littlefoot who then eventually caved and understood.  For one night though, the Apricot would be her friend.  In case you think I’m embellishing a little …

     Last night as we were putting the girls to bed my wife motioned for me to look at my daughters night stand.  There under the soft light of her lamp sat her friend the Apricot.  Resting on a makeshift bed that she created out of a peg game.  She was concerned that one of the pegs was too wobbly and that her friend would not get adequate rest.  Before going to bed I caught GB’licious rubbing the fruit and telling ‘sissy’ about how soft it felt.

I’m a terrible father for forcing my daughters to eat their pets.  But I will always have fond memories of what is to my knowledge, the first pet fruit I’ve ever encountered.

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