An amazing woman

I’m moody . . .
I’m quite difficult to live with at times . . . I don’t deserve the wife I have nor the daughter we have together. Oh I’m not some horrible monger but it’s that my wife and daughter are on that high of pedestal that I sink low beneath them. I know that I mean a lot to them . . . I’m thankful for their company.
My wife is beyond blessed. When the writers of the Bible were writing about the good woman thats a rare treasure; they were speaking of my wife. Tonight, I came home in a somewhat rare mood . . . it was made worse by an email from school. Nothing big, just a little disappointed with a grade I had received and having a hard time wrapping my head around some of the precepts they were putting forth. I am sometimes caught off guard by trying to understand someone else’s ideas and make them fit my own understanding. Wife advised what I should do but my mood was set. Add to that daughter coming down the steps and yelling at me because I was changing the channels. It’d been a tough week and I just wanted to do what I wanted for a change.
My wife, being who she is, left with daughter in tow to get supper. In an off handed comment I told her I wanted some guy food. She returned with Corona’s and Pizza. I was sitting watching Glenn Beck who’s guest was William Shatner; so my mood was already improving. To see my wife coming in with those trappings . . . I’m reminded yet again of what a rare find she is and the level at which I am so blessed by her presence.
I could speak hours about my wife, it’s not this one thing that makes her great . . . there’s not enough hard drive space in the world to write that down; but it’s in the little things that she does that make me the man that I can be. Thank you Father above for my wife, You give such good gifts . . . far greater than anything I can find on my own. My wife is truly a rare jewel; a ruby to be sought after; I will be the good steward with her love and her being.

Now my daughter is wanting to work on the deck again, taught her how to use a hammer last weekend and she found more nails sticking up so it’s time to go tap them down!

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