A writers challenge

     I am painfully aware that some think of me as long winded.  I for one see this as being thorough … however I must admit I was excited about an assignment that was given in one of our writers workshops that I’m taking through Maryville Vineyard.  Led by author Phyllis Dolislager, our focus has been on telling ‘our story’ or non-fiction which is a strange medium for me to be sure.  One of the recent assignments we were instructed to write a 91-word memoir.  91 words?  Really?  most of my Facebook posts are longer than that …

With quite a bit of work I did come up with the below.  I’m excited to say that we’re going to be publishing our work and the proceeds for sales from the book will go to the Box, our need meeting system at church.  Really looking forward to this!  Hope you enjoy the below and keep an eye out for our book coming out this Christmas (we hope)!


For days now I’ve felt the urge to stretch beyond this small cramped space I’ve grown into.  I’ve been hearing strange voices, not the ones I’m used too at all.  Suddenly the sky rips open and bright light hits my eyes causing me to draw back in pain.  I’m cold, odd sensations, I want to go back!  I scream out until I’m wrapped up and warm again hearing that constant familiar thud.  I hear her voice clearer now and strain to see her face.  The first ninety-one seconds of life, extraordinary.


If you missed it, I was born c-section due to being freakishly huge … anyway … once details are finalized on the book I’ll post it.  Every purchase goes to the box so buying a book helps someone out!

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